Finding Mexican Dishes, That Are Surprisingly Healthy


A lot of people assume that Mexican cuisine is not good for you. A lot of Mexican dishes are fried, and many of them are cooked in grease. A lot of favorite Mexican recipes are also loaded with cheese.

However, there are some Mexican dishes that are surprisingly healthy. If you love eating Mexican foods, but are trying to improve your diet, you should give a few of these dishes a try:


A lot of Mexican soups are diet-friendly and delicious. A gazpacho or a posole is likely to be loaded with vegetables and black beans. If a cup of soup isn’t going to be filling enough for you, you may want to pair it with a side of brown rice.

Corn Or Whole Grain Tortillas

Quesadillas or fajitas aren’t unhealthy as long as you choose the right kind of tortillas. Make sure you opt for either corn or whole grain tortillas. Both of these will be a lot better for you than tortillas that are made with white flour.Heal

Opt For Chicken

If you have to choose the filling for your Mexican dish, you should try to stay away from beef. Instead, you should opt for chicken. Chicken is used in a lot of Mexican dishes, and it is an excellent source of lean protein.

Ask For Sour Cream And Guacamole On The Side

Many Mexican restaurants slather condiments on their dishes. If you ask for these things on the side, you’ll be able to control the herbs and keep your meals healthy.

While some aspects of Mexican cuisine are unhealthy, other things are excellent for you. For example, avocado, a staple of Mexican food, is packed full of nutrients and egt supplement.

You should eat Mexican food, but you should approach it with caution. Make sure you select the healthiest dishes on the menu.