Essential Qualifications Required to Pursue a ABA Therapist Career in New York


For those who are looking to become a therapist in NYC, you will not be able to set up shop in a single day and start. You will need to have the right qualifications to get a foot through the door, and this has to be understood right away.

What are the essential requirements needed to make things move along the path that’s best for you and your career? Let’s take a look.

State License

The starting point would be a state license as you will not be able to practice without one. You need to have the “Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor” certificate on hand to make sure you are running a legal clinic that is certified to help patients from the state. If not, you will not be able to practice and are breaking state law as it is right now.

This was started in 2011 and has adhered to strictly since that point. Those who are entering the field now have to get this license as soon as they are ready to start. It should be one of the first things you go after because of how important it is.

CACREP Graduate Program

You are also expected to have a degree in counseling before applying for the state license. Those who don’t have this will not be accepted for the state license and are not allowed to practice. Multiple schools from around the nation are eligible for this, and it is best to do your research in advance before applying.


These are the main qualifications you are going to need before you can set up shop in NYC and get started as you want to. Look to get these things in place as soon as you can for a smooth transition.