Why Corn is so Fundamental in Mexican Cooking?

pop-corn-785074_640Mexican cuisine is fraught with corn based dishes. The vast majority of the population will tell you of the nostalgic experience of the ‘tortilleria’; a standard in every Mexican neighbourhood, where tortillas can be bought in fragrant steaming stacks by the kilo.

While tortillas may be the most iconic corn dish, it is not the only one. From tamales, which is a sort of stuffed corn meal steamed in a corn husk, to atole, a hot breakfast beverage served hot and made from corn, corn (see recipe below) is a huge part of the Mexican diet.

But not the same corn, of course. There is the big white kernels, like hominy that are used in Pozole, a spicy cross between a soup and a salad. Then there are other varieties used to make specific dishes, the natures of which are known only to the peasant and master chefs who incorporate this important food item into the daily Mexican menus.

But corn is far more than a food item to the Mexican people. Legends have it that the very first man and women the gods placed on the earth sprung from the ears of corn. Native tradition refers to the Mexican people as the ‘Children of the Corn”

Ancient mesoamerican civilizations like the Maya and Aztec revered corn as a symbol of divine providence and used the figures of corn and corn stalks in every aspect of their culture from the designs they painted on their temples to the gods and ceremonies they observed.

The earliest evidence of corn cultivation in Mexico is believed by many leading historians to be set at 5,000 B.C.E. But Today the presence of corn in Mexican diet and culture still holds an important place.

From the time they are small, people in Mexico develop a taste for corn they will never truly appreciate unless they find themselves far from Mexico where the taste of corn is nothing like the taste of corn from home.

Can High Heels Cause Damage To Your Feet?

Us girls have all likely heard the old adage, ‘beauty is pain’. In fact, we may say it to ourselves as we squeeze our darling feet into yet another pair of high heels and set off for work, a lunch with the girls, a night out, or wherever else our feet need to take us.

It is all too easy to presume that, just because many women the world over wear high heels, they can’t be doing our feet any harm. Is this really true? Let’s take a quick look at the impact of wearing high heels on our precious feet.

Do You Really Feel Comfortable In High Heels?

If you answer honestly, you will likely say, ‘no’! Even that trusty, favorite pair of heels that we brag about being the epitome of comfort, do leave our feet aching at the end of the day. Why?

When a shoe elevates your heel, it shits your weight onto the ball of your foot. The higher the heel, the greater the shift in weight. What happens next? Your knees and hips find themselves needing to push forward while your back goes in the opposite direction, all in an attempt to keep you balanced!

How Does This Have An Impact On Your Feet?

It’s not just your poor skeleton who is crying in complaint at the sight of high heels, your actual feet are right in the line of fire.

The Toes

Since your toes are being pushed forward they can become permanently bent downward (known as hammer toes). You can also develop unsightly bunions and ingrown toe nails, not the most attractive look to have for your feet!

The Tendonitis Issue

It’s not just how your feet look on the outside that is the issue, but also what is going on inside. Constantly wearing high heels can lead to muscle overuse. The strain on the ankles and tendons around the foot can easily cause a person to develop tendonitis. In addition, all of that extra pressure and weight at the front of the foot can lead to a stress fracture, pinched nerves or heel spurs, not to mention developing arthritis down the line, which might lead to you having surgical procedures on your feet!

It’s Not All Doom And Gloom For Heels

Granted, we have been focusing on the negative side to wearing high heels, but don’t worry, you don’t need to feel that you should ban them from your life and wardrobe forever! However, being aware of the damage which high heels can cause to your feet should certainly make you re-think how often you wear them.

Take a moment to think about the previous month, how many times have you worn high heels? Can you count the days on just one hand? Or do you need six hands to count them on? Remember, you are only blessed with one pair of feet and they need to last you a lifetime, make sure that you don’t allow high heels to cause serious damage to them!

What ROI Should You Expect From Your Mailing List Marketing Campaign?

I just read that for every one dollar spent on email marketing, and a marketer should expect to earn $40. What is harder to break down is what this one dollar actually by a marketer when it comes to email marketing. How many people are they mailing based on that one dollar figure? We don’t write that to refute that point but to explain that you have to break down the metrics even more. You also have to take into consideration the type of products and services that are being sold. You also have to take into account if your healthcare mailing lists is a hot list or a cold one.

One thing that is true is that the ROI of emailing campaigns have improved over the years. Many people thought that email marketing was dead, but they are dead wrong. With the creation of smartphones and tablets, everyone is connected to the Internet all day long. This means that people are receiving email alerts all day and they get to determine what they open and what they ignore. As marketers that say that you have more times to reach your list each and every day.

What indeed decides your ROI when emailing is your marketing skill and your ability to create a list correctly. If you develop those two skills, then your ROI will be high. Many people will utilize email marketing don’t truly know how to market. They don’t use the type of language that builds rapport, they don’t get people on their list to look forward to what they have to send, they aren’t sending anything of high quality, and more importantly, they are just wasting people’s time. The truth is that you have to have a high-quality amount of content to utilize email marketing properly.

Essential Qualifications Required to Pursue a ABA Therapist Career in New York


For those who are looking to become a therapist in NYC, you will not be able to set up shop in a single day and start. You will need to have the right qualifications to get a foot through the door, and this has to be understood right away.

What are the essential requirements needed to make things move along the path that’s best for you and your career? Let’s take a look.

State License

The starting point would be a state license as you will not be able to practice without one. You need to have the “Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor” certificate on hand to make sure you are running a legal clinic that is certified to help patients from the state. If not, you will not be able to practice and are breaking state law as it is right now.

This was started in 2011 and has adhered to strictly since that point. Those who are entering the field now have to get this license as soon as they are ready to start. It should be one of the first things you go after because of how important it is.

CACREP Graduate Program

You are also expected to have a degree in counseling before applying for the state license. Those who don’t have this will not be accepted for the state license and are not allowed to practice. Multiple schools from around the nation are eligible for this, and it is best to do your research in advance before applying.


These are the main qualifications you are going to need before you can set up shop in NYC and get started as you want to. Look to get these things in place as soon as you can for a smooth transition.

Finding Mexican Dishes, That Are Surprisingly Healthy


A lot of people assume that Mexican cuisine is not good for you. A lot of Mexican dishes are fried, and many of them are cooked in grease. A lot of favorite Mexican recipes are also loaded with cheese.

However, there are some Mexican dishes that are surprisingly healthy. If you love eating Mexican foods, but are trying to improve your diet, you should give a few of these dishes a try:


A lot of Mexican soups are diet-friendly and delicious. A gazpacho or a posole is likely to be loaded with vegetables and black beans. If a cup of soup isn’t going to be filling enough for you, you may want to pair it with a side of brown rice.

Corn Or Whole Grain Tortillas

Quesadillas or fajitas aren’t unhealthy as long as you choose the right kind of tortillas. Make sure you opt for either corn or whole grain tortillas. Both of these will be a lot better for you than tortillas that are made with white flour.Heal

Opt For Chicken

If you have to choose the filling for your Mexican dish, you should try to stay away from beef. Instead, you should opt for chicken. Chicken is used in a lot of Mexican dishes, and it is an excellent source of lean protein.

Ask For Sour Cream And Guacamole On The Side

Many Mexican restaurants slather condiments on their dishes. If you ask for these things on the side, you’ll be able to control the herbs and keep your meals healthy.

While some aspects of Mexican cuisine are unhealthy, other things are excellent for you. For example, avocado, a staple of Mexican food, is packed full of nutrients and egt supplement.

You should eat Mexican food, but you should approach it with caution. Make sure you select the healthiest dishes on the menu.

Mexican Dishes: What’s The Difference?

taco-1018962_640Mexican cuisine offers many delicious dishes. No matter what kind of food you like or what your diet consists of, just about everyone can enjoy at least something from the menu at a Mexican restaurant, according to restaurant consultant Jenny Dorsey. But what are you to do when you are looking at the menu and trying to decide what to get? Well, when you know the difference between some of the most popular dishes, it can make the selection process a little easier.

First off is the taco. This is a corn tortilla that has been fried. The taste and texture is similar to tortilla chips. Then, the shell is filled with whatever your heart desires. Typically, tacos are made with ground beef, shredded cheese, lettuce, and tomato, but you can fill it with your favorites.

The next dish is a burrito. This starts as a flour tortilla. Then, the fillings are added and can consistent of any or all of your favorites. Meat is tortillas-520808_640usually in a burrito, some people prefer ground beef, others like steak, some people even like chicken. You can add cheese, vegetables, or just about anything else you can think of.

Another dish you may enjoy is a quesadillas. It starts with a tortilla, traditionally flour, but corn is good, too. You add some cheese, meat if you want, and then add another tortilla on top. Or, you can flip one side over to create half a tortilla. Then you fry both sides.

These are just a few delicious Mexican dishes. You will also notice fajitas and enchiladas on the menu and these are just as amazing. These dishes are filled with cheeses, meats, and vegetables. You can enjoy them with sauces and rice, and so much more. The great thing is these dishes can be customized so you can get what you love.

Mexican Fundamentals

Since this site is dedicated to all things Mexican Food, we felt it was important to give you some fundamentals of Mexican cuisine and latin flavors. In this video, you can learn all these things and more! So sit back, rim your glass of Margarita with some salt and enjoy!